Maturity Benefits: On Completion of the policy term, Non Linked Guaranteed Sum Assured together with Vested Bonuses and Final Additional Bonuses, if any, will be payable.

Death Benefits:

After Commencement of Risk: Sum Assured plus vested bonus.

Before Commencement of Risk: Refund of Premium excluding Service Tax & Extra Premium, if any.

Salient Features:

Plan available for ages: 90 days Completed to 65 Years Nearest Birthday.

Policy Term Available: 10 Years to 25 Years

Minimum Sum Assured: 50000( in multiples of 5000)

Maximum Sum Assured: No Limit

Minimum Maturity Age: 18 Years

Maximum Maturity Age: 75 Years

Commencement of Risk for Minor Lives: Either after 2 Years from Date of Commencement of Policy or attainment of 8 years of age whichever comes earlier.

High Sum Assured Rebate:

1 Lac to 1.95 Lacs – 18/- Per 1000 Sum Assured

2 Lac to 2.95Lacs – 25/- Per 1000 Sum Assured

3 Lacs & Above – 30/- Per 1000 Sum Assured

Loan: After Completion of one year from the date of commencement as per the policy terms.

Guaranteed Surrender Value: 1st Year: 70% of Single Premium excluding Service Tax and Extra Premium, if any.

2nd Year onwards: 90% of Single Premium excluding service tax & extra premium if any.